Nurses are the heart and soul of the medical field.  They are the first people we see when we go to see a doctor, they perform the majority of the tests and procedures and are highly desired in special clinics and hospitals.  When we graduate with a nursing degree we have the foundational skills needed to get a job and perform that job well.  However, with the advancements in medicine a nursing degree might not be as desired or specialized.  For this reason, seeking out BSN Programs may lead to greater job opportunities in the future.

Why become a nurse?

A nurse is a highly desired person in the medical field.  A nurse has learned the majority of what a doctor has to know but instead of picking a specialized constitution can practice in all areas of medicine.  With this flexibility a nurse has more control over their career than most doctors.

Specialized Nursing

A BSN or Bachelors of Science in Nursing is a new and demanding field of medicine.  With a BSN degree the doors to the future of medicine are opened up to you.  When deciding to take on this extra work you will become more desirable as an employee, make more money than a typical nurse and enter into different careers only open to BSN holders.

New Fields

New fields of medicine are opening all the time.  With new physical, mental and biological conditions affecting us yearly specialized nurses will be in demand.  In order to ensure that you have a seat in this new frontier acquiring this degree will soon become a requirement.  As such, taking advantage of it now when starting school will lessen your time to learn the material and allow you to access the field quicker.

Become a better care giver

As a nurse your primary goal is to give the best care to your patients.  With this advanced degree program you will learn different more effective techniques to manage and support your patients.  With these skills you will also be able to enter into different fields of medicine with people you can have a one on one connection with.  Since this career allows so much opportunity you will be able to hand pick your posting after graduation.

Case managers

BSN Programsmore desirable as an employee,

With this degree you will be able to be a case manager and work with your own set of nurses in a private practice.  As a case manager you will be the leader and looked upon as such.  This is a very important role to play in healthcare.

Become a teacher

With this degree the door is open to you to become a teacher.  As a teacher the future leaders in medicine are in your hands.  You will be able to train them in a specific style of medicine, groom your students to fit specific roles in the medical field and much more.  As an educator the feeling of molding a student from nothing is very rewarding.

Sky is the limit

Finally, with as much education that you can manage you have no limits in your career path.  The sky is the limit and as such no one can stop you from being the best person you can be.

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